WHAT ONCE WE LOVED by Jane Kirkpatrick

WHAT ONCE WE LOVED by Jane Kirkpatrick is a novel about 4 independent women and starts out in California in the Fall of 1853.
Ruth Martin wants to travel from Sacramento California to southern Oregon to start a Horse ranch, but a tragedy strikes and ruins her plans but she moves anyway and tries to heal her wounds all by herself, with no help from her friends. Her employee Michael may or may not figure into these plans.
Ruth’s friend Mazy wants to improve her small dairy business but she will miss her friend Ruth when she moves away from the farm they rent. Mazy accidentally hurts Ruth’s livelihood and their friendship. I wonder if it can be healed?
Tipton is married to an older man and she’s not liking it very much. We’ll have to see what she does about it.
Suzanne’s blindness makes life hard enough as it is, but she still moves forward. I’ll have to let you know what I think of this book later in the week.

NOTE: This was a really good book! I highly recommend it. Barely any sex at all.


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