Love Finds You in WILDROSE, NORTH DAKOTA by Tracey Bateman

Love Finds You in WILDROSE, NORTH DAKOTA by Tracey Bateman. I picked this book up this morning, and chose it because of the blurb on the back cover. It is the story of Rosemary Jackson who travels to frozen North Dakota to visit her twin sister Rachael and finds her grave instead . Rosemary finds that her widowed brother-in-law Finn Tate needs help raising his underfed infant daughter, but he can’t stand the sight of Rosemary who reminds him of his dead wife..  (Now doesn’t that sound interesting?)

NOTE: This book has Biblical quotes. It was written by a Christian writer. Does that turn you off? I try not to be too judgmental about things like this if the plot and writing is good. Some Christian novels have biblical references on nearly every page that really do turn me off but this one doesn’t seem to fall in that category. 


NOTE: This was a GREAT book! I really enjoyed it. It seems there is a whole series of these books written by several different authors that takes place all over the US!


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