Barbara Freethy Website

Barbara Freethy Website

I enjoyed her book so much I’m hooking you up to Barbara Freethy’s website in my Links.


THE WEDDING DRESS; Stories from the Dakota Plains by Carrie Young

THE WEDDING DRESS Stories from the Dakota Plains by Carrie Young. After reading the last book which was a TV movie I was afraid this one was another due to its title. Remember the movie with Neil Patrick Harris (Who hardly acts gay on his TV shows and plays a great straight man), and Tyne Daily about a wedding dress that gets passed around different women through the years, getting altered most times? Well.. this seems to be a whole other story or stories I must say. The book consists of 7 different stories which take place on the Dakota Plains. I assumed it was a story about one wedding dress with 7 different owners. Nope.. I was wrong, although the first story was about a wedding dress and the friendship of two women. The second story was about a Norwegian man who wins a lot of money in 1929, in Little Butte, North Dakota. So you see the stories are all different. Each story is told from the narrators point of view, as if he or she is writing a diary or journal. In other words it seems like fiction to me, yet the back of the book says the word NONFICTION above the blurb border.

NOTE: I finished the book in under 24 hours, so you know it was interesting to read.. it was nice all the stories happened in or near Little Butte, North Dakota.


THE CHRISTMAS HOPE by Donna VanLiere. Remember those Christmas movies we see on TV every year? Well this is the book that it was made from. Actually the movie follows the book quite closely, but I never did see the ending so I’ll continue to read it , as I recover from my Acute Bronchitis. (Cough.. cough.. Honk on my nose!) LOL

THE WAY BACK HOME by Barbara Freethy

THE WAY BACK HOME is a novel by Barbara Freethy. This is the story of Gabe Ryder, and ex-marine who lost his mother when he was a toddler and his father to alcoholism. He lost his best friend and brother-in-arms Rob Hayden a week before their last day of service in a firefight. Now Gabe must fulfill his best friend’s dying wish by helping Rob’s twin sister Alicia who is reeling from her brother’s death.. 

So Gabe moves into Rob’s house and helps with the family rafting business. Alicia’s 8 year old son who is longing for a father runs away with his best friend, and Gabe and Alicia set out to find them. This book sounds like ti would make a great movie doesn’t it?  I’ll have to let you know how I like it! 


A PLAIN AND FANCY CHRISTMAS by Cynthia Keller. As you can see it’s another Amish story.. Amish novels seem to be very popular in y town! The lady who brought it in suggested I read it and I suggested she read that nice book Love Finds you in Wildrose North Dakota.

This story has a very different plot line then the typical ones I’ve read. Amish widow Rachael Yoder lives with her parents as she raises her little girl, while in New York City Ellie Lawrence is busy climbing the corporate ladder. Both women are shocked to find out they were switched at birth, and Rachael is jealous of the bond Ellie makes with her real mother who raised Rachael. Now Rachael heads to Manhattan to meet her own birth mother.. This sounds like an interesting book. I’ll have to let you know what I think of it.

NOTE: So far I’m really enjoying this book, thought I’d be sick of all this Amish stuff but the plot is interesting.

FIT FOR A KING by Diana Palmer

I’m desperate for a good book and this was my last resort. I bought it at a book sale or flea market, and read a few pages only to set it aside because I had a whole box of books awaiting me, well now the books are all gone, I read them or attempted to and then donated them to our little library and here’s what was left behind.

FIT FOR A KING is a novel by Diana Palmer. I had read about 16 pages then dogeared the paperback book. This story starts out in Jamaica and consists of a wealthy, sexy, ‘half-breed” Native American named Kingston Roper from Texas, and his friendship with his Island neighbor, a much younger 26 year old virginal American woman named Elissa.  They are merely friends but have the potential to be red hot lovers.. (need I say more?).  King asks Elissa to pose as his lover to deter his sister-in-law from any romantic thoughts and gestures, (he’s attracted to the beautiful woman after all and wants Elissa to more or less save him and his relationship with his brother and sister-in-law, as an affair would ruin them all.) .

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book! been there done that..cookie cutter book

Love Finds You In LANCASTER COUNTY Pennsylvania by Annalisa Daughety

Love Finds You In LANCASTER COUNTY Pennsylvania by Annalisa Daughety. This piece of Christian Fiction is the story of a philandering baseball star’s widow and and Amish widow who open up a gift shop together in Lancaster County PA. Caroline DeMarco is a Southern belle and widow of a Baseball Star, who also lost her mother the year before. ON a whim Caroline decides to take that trip to Lancaster, PA she had planned to take with her mother, but never got the chance to where she meets a certain young man named Michael Landis who catches her fancy at the Bed and Breakfast farm she stays in. Lidia Ann Raber is an Amish widow from Ohio who travels to Lancaster with her two daughters to visit her father who moved there with his new wife. Once there she meets Simon Zook. She also meets up with Caroline DeMarco and they decide to open a gift shop in Lancaster County. The writing is good in this book so I will continue to read it.