POPE JOAN by Donna Woolfolk Cross

POPE JOAN by Donna Woolfolk Cross was one of my favorite books. It was exciting to read about her short life in this book, and to think it actually happened, although the Vatican tried to erase all the evidence. I believe it took place in the 1300’s or 1400’s and Joan just wanted an education, her own father a Parrish priest back in the days when they were allowed to be married, and Joan had to go to extreme means to get that education! Posing as her own brother to become a student in a monastery. She grew to be a great healer, and when she was ministering to an ailing pope who eventually died due to excesses in his diet, she was elected the next in line and became pope! She still managed to have an older lover who was married for a while until his wife was murdered in a raid on the church. Later Joan managed to get pregnant and die during the birth of her baby. It was a sad ending to a brilliant woman’s life. The movie was so good I saw on TV, but of course the book has more detail!

Here’s her biography, I’ll be a little embarrassed if what I remembered from reading the book is incorrect! LOL




One thought on “POPE JOAN by Donna Woolfolk Cross

  1. I don’t know why that person called me a “f***ing judgmental goof” when she read this post, I wasn’t hurting anyone, I was just talking about a book I read. In fact SHE was judging me at the time.. (Go figure!) So I went and added some biography links about Pope Joan..

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