SONOMA ROSE by Jennifer Chiaverini

SONOMA ROSE by Jennifer Chiaverini is starting out well. This is the story of Rosa, the mother of eight children, 4 of whom died of a mysterious wasting disease. Two of her remaining children also have the disease, which must be inherited from their abusive father, since Rosa’s first two children fathered by the love of her life Lars Jorgensen are fine. This is Rosa and Lars story which tells about their running away from her abusive husband, and the life they live in wine country, Sonoma County, California. .
Chiaverini writes QUILT stories, she’s written several which I found kind of boring at times, I did read one completely quite a while ago, and though I attempted to read a few in the past I didn’t enjoy the lifestyles of the characters so I was put off by the slow reading pace, and put the book down. Sonoma Rose on the other hand seems interesting from the first page, hopefully I will enjoy it all.


NOTE: I am REALLY enjoying this book, and I’m going to see if I like her newer books. although in the past one other kinda bored me, but I can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch can I? LOL.

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