A HEART FOR ANY FATE by Suzanne Lyon.

A HEART FOR ANY FATE, A Western Story by Suzanne Lyon, is indeed an odd name for a book, yet the book is starting out great, I’m enjoying it a lot.  This is the true story of Hannah Allison who married Temple Cole in 1790 on the banks of the New River in the state of Virginia. As a wedding gift Hannah was given a journal by Dolley Todd, who later became the famous Dolley Madison. Hannah and Temple have an exciting life when they migrate to Kentucky taking along their slave girl Lucy who helps Hannah thought the five births of her children.  Temple’s younger brother Stephen and Hannah’s younger sister Phoebe are also mentioned in the story, but it looks like Stephen is secretly in love with Hannah. I’ll let you know what happens.

NOTE: So far I’m really enjoying this book which was written in novel form and look forward to reading more of Suzanne Lyon’s work.
Upon reading the Author’s Note at the back of the book I was disappointed to see how much stuff she just made up! There was no documented emotional affair with her brother-in-law Stephen Cole. There was no journal which Hannah wrote of her life events, and if her slave Lucy was possibly buried at her feet why wasn’t that documented or at least researched more? Perhaps Lucy has no descendants other than her son?


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