GOOD LUCK by Whitney Gaskell

GOOD LUCK is a novel by Whitney Gaskell. This story was published in 2008.  The dust jacket does not have a blurb or summary on the inside of the front and back cover, like in the old days, it’s all on the back of the book.

GOOD LUCK is about a high school English Literature teacher named Lucy who is falsely accused of “sexual misconduct” by one of her lazy, self entitled, spoiled students because she was giving the student a lower grade due to his test scores and he was getting suspended from the soccer team. She wouldn’t allow him to try to raise the grade with a retest, or extra credit work. Before the student walked out of her classroom he uttered the words “You’ll be sorry,”

Now the student Matt is saying she asked him to come to her classroom on Monday to talk about his grades where he claimed “she made a sexually inappropriate comment about the pants he was wearing  saying she liked the way his buttocks looked in them.”

“He states to the principle that Lucy told him she’d fantasized about having an affair with a student, and that she offered to change his grade to an A if he’d have sexual intercourse with her.”  It was all lies to get back it his teacher.

Lucy’s life is a mess between those false accusations and her cheating boyfriend, and the media circus surrounding her job. But then she wins $87 million in the lottery and she thinks her luck has changed, so she moves to Palm Beach and tries to live a life out of the spotlight where she is courted by 2 men. I’ll have to let you know what happens as she discovers that she wished she had her old life back.


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