Reading Circle, First Grade

Remember the JOY?, the stab of joy that went through you and brightened up your day the first time you sounded out a word? It was usually a 3 letter word… mine was CAT, C-A-T. When I was in the first grade I remember sitting in a circle in Mrs. Patton’s 1st and 2nd grade classroom learning how to read.  I absolutely LOVED learning new words! I remember learning how to read phonetically. We sounded out the letters, to form the words. We didn’t memorize the words first by looking at them, and how to spell them too, well that may have been second grade?Like my daughter did 25 years ago! She used to come home with 20 or more words a week and she had to learn how to spell them, and know their definition!.


THE AMERICAN COOKBOOK by Mrs. F. L. Gillette, was printed in 1887, it was once owned by my Great, Great Grandmother. I imagine it was a gift. Gr, gr Grandma was born in 1878, so the cookbook could have belonged to her mother, and was passed down to her when she married in 1893. All the recipes in this book were cooked over a wood or coal stove, some in a fireplace perhaps. I have several of these recipes posted in my recipe blog on blogspot called . Perhaps I should make a Recipe blog here also.

THE AMERICAN REGIONAL COOKBOOK: Recipes from Yesterday and Today for the Modern Cook by Nancy and Author Hawkins

THE AMERICAN REGIONAL COOKBOOK: Recipes from Yesterday and Today for the Modern Cook by Nancy and Author Hawkins. I live in a very small town of not quite 1,000 people. Today the Food Pantry connected to the local Methodist Church arranged a “Food Lecture” and we were all given free used cookbooks. I was pleased with the one I chose. Imagine my surprise when I showed my mother who was sitting beside me a recipe for Rinktum Ditty. Turns out it’s a recipe my grandma- her mother used to make when mom was a child!  It’s an Americanized version of Welsh Rabbit (Rarebit)


1 TB Butter

1 medium Onion chopped

2 Cups cooked tomatoes (Grandma used canned)

1 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Pepper

2 tsp Sugar

1/2 LB American Cheese Grated (I’d use cheddar)

1 egg beaten

12 half slices buttered toast.

Cook onion in butter until soft but not browned. Add the tomatoes, seasonings and sugar.

Cook 2 minutes, then add the cheese and cook, stirring constantly, until thoroughly melted and blended.

Stir in the egg gradually, cook 1 minute longer and serve over buttered toast.

The recipe calls it an American version of Welsh Rabbit (Rarebit)

Recommended Books from the Past

SLEEPING ALONE a novel by Barbara Bretton.

WHITER THAN SNOW by Sandra Dallas. (An avalanche story)

THE KITCHEN HOUSE by Kathleen Grissom.


WINTER GARDEN- by Kristin Hannah.

THE RED THREAD- by Ann Hood.

FORGIVENESS The Greatest Healer of Them All by Gearld G. Jampolsky M.D.

ENEMY WOMEN by Paulette Jiles

THE WHITE by Deborah Larsen (Great!)

JEWEL by Brett Lott (Oprah’s Book Club) 

THE GLORY CLOAK by Patricia O’Brien (About Louisa may Alcott during Civil War)

THE PARTING GLASS by Emilie Richards

CITY OF DREAMS by Beverly Swerling (historical set in “New Amsterdam”) I loved it! 

SWEETWATER CREEK by Ann River Siddon’s 

HEART OF THE WEST by Penelope Williamson 

THE PASSIONS OF EMMA by Penelope Willaimson

My favorite authors:

Debby Macomber

Susan Wiggs

Dorothy Garlock

Luanne Rice


FALL ON YOUR KNEES by Ann Marie MacDonald

FALL ON YOUR KNEES by Ann Marie MacDonald was one of the darkest books I’ve ever read. It was a story of another time period, another country, turn of the century, like a modern story all mixed up with olden time period setting. It was a story of lesbianism and incest. The first book about a real lesbian relationship I ever read.. (NO! I’m not a prude.. It’s just that I’m not a lesbian).. but it’s good to learn about how other people live.  Anyway it was kinda sad.. but interesting to read.

HOME SWEET HOME: An Emerald Lake Novel by Bella Riley

HOME SWEET HOME:  An Emerald Lake Novel by Bella Riley (C) 2011. Andi Powell’s job brings her grudgingly back to her hometown, quiet, secluded Emerald Lake. She returns to meet up again with her first real love Nate Duncan, who’s heart she broke when she went off to live in New York City.  Nate is now the Mayor of Emerald Lake and he clashes with Andi over the future of Emerald Lake. 


NOTE: This book is very predictable. I am skimming my way to the end so I can start on A FLICKERING LIGHT by Jane Kirkpatrick.