TAKEN BY STORM is a novel by Tami Hoag. I think I read her work in the past, she also wrote the #1 best seller THE ALIBI MAN. 

Julia McCarver is a trauma nurse, and she seems to get “taken” by S.T. “Storm” Dalton, a retired NFL Football player. A man from her past who keeps coming back for more. It seems so youthful! The main characters are 36 years old. It’s a typical boy wants girl, girl denies she loves him and so spurns his every move to reclaim her love format. I’ll have to let you know how I like it. I’m half done now, it’s okay.. predictable but okay! I mean the PASSION, the sexual attraction is so strong! Of course they get married in the end!

NOTE: I just skimmed through the last few chapters, it was too predictable, most romances are right?


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