TO HEAR A MOCKINGBIRD by Charlotte Bingham

TO HEAR A MOCKINGBIRD is a novel by Charlotte Bingham. Of course I don’t know the copyright date because the library I bought it from removes the copyright/title page. WHY? It IRKS me! But that’s their um.. piss me off habit!

Here’s a small sample of the blurb from the inside book jacket:

“Cassie McGann was born a bastard- a revelation that comes as no surprise to the 16 year old New Hampshire girl, who’s always wondered why her childhood was made miserable, not only by snobbish schoolmates, like the aristocratic Leonora von Wagner, but by the bitter grandmother who raised her.”

On her granny’s death Cassie ends up in New York, working in Bergdorf Goodman where she works for a handsome Irishman, whom she marries. Hmm, well I’ll let you know what I think of this book, but I have a feeling I should go to the library tomorrow when I clean the old school and pick out a few good books to hold me over the holidays!

NOTE: It seems I read this book years ago, so I will donate it to the library.


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