SANCTUARY COVE by Rochelle Alers

SANCTUARY COVE is one in a series of novels by Rochelle Alers. Like Susan Wiggs and Debbie Macomber and a few other authors Alers writes of families living in a sea shore or island setting. The difference is Rochelle Alers is a black writer and her characters are mainly black.  Now as a white person here’s what I noticed.. I can’t tell if this is a book about people of color except for the descriptions of the characters so far. The way the characters feel and express themselves is the same for the other two authors. So what does that tell you people? Deep down inside we are all similar, right? There is no need for racism.

What of political correctness? Should I use the words African American? Well not all black people and or their ancestors came from Africa, so it doesn’t apply. Aside from all that political correctness stuff, I am enjoying this book. I have a bug to squash when it comes to political correctness anyway, but I won’t get into that now.


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