ANOTHER SUMMER by Georgia Bockoven

ANOTHER SUMMER is a novel by Georgia Bockoven. It’s yet another writer who writes seashore romances. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, as I’ve read plenty of them. The paperback book is sitting in front of me right now and all I did was skim over the blurb on the back. I’ve been to the seashore a total of 4 times I think, so I know how nice it is.. This is the story of an assortment of people who come to a special seaside cottage to heal from life’s roadblocks and tragedies. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

DADDY’S LITTLE COWGIRL by Judith Bowen and Kimberly Raye

DADDY’S LITTLE COWGIRL, a chip off the old block (C)1998. Two complete novels by Judith Bowen and Kimberly Raye. I just started this one this morning, it’s rather old as you can see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent book even though it is a Harlequin! LOL I love these second chance at love stories. I’ll let you know how I like it.

The first story takes place in Canada of all things.. Adam Garrick is a Canadian cowboy with a Dude ranch. 5 years earlier he got a woman pregnant and they gave the baby girl to his best friend and his wife who wad no children. The best friend died and now his widow is back with Adam’s biological offspring. Of course they are falling in love.. Caroline beautiful, petite and kindhearted, yet on the run from her dead husband’s family. Rose her adopted daughter has the same coloring of handsome and rugged, sexy Adam, but she hasn’t caught on yet that he’s Rose’s biological father, a fact that was never revealed to her when the adoption took place.

HONEY GROVE by Genell Dellin

HONEY GROVE a novel by Genell Dellin. Discontented New York attorney Meridith returns to Rocks Springs, Texas for her estranged mother’s funeral. There she discovers life in the small Texas town where she was born is somewhat appealing. When her grandmother Lilah has an accident Meri stays to help with her farm, where she eventually finds romance with Caleb Burkett.

NOTE! Not one sex scene in the whole book!

SECOND CHANCE by Dan Montague

SECOND CHANCE a novel by Dan Montague. Another male romance writer.. Another man in touch with his feminine side… Chuck Carver returns to Marblehead, Massachusetts after 30 years of estrangement from his father to attend his funeral. Then he inherits his childhood home which he renovates and is attracted to Dawn his lovely neighbor, but Dawn has fears of her own to overcome. Let’s see what happens during this romance.

NOTE: I didn’t relate well to the characters who were of a higher social standing my my humble little self, so I stopped reading it after about 5 pages.

ANGEL’S REST by Emily March

ANGEL’S REST by Emily March, (C) 2011. This is a new author, I hope I like her the book sounds interesting!  Gabriel Callahan has been through some type of tragedy and he wants solitude on a mountain. Instead he gets a noisy new neighbor a lady veterinarian named Nic Sullivan.  Gee, two Irish characters.. you think Emily March might be Irish too? I’ll let you know how the book is later!


A TURN IN THE ROAD by Debbie Macomber

A TURN IN THE ROAD, (c) 2011, a novel by Debbie Macomber. She’s one of my favorite authors. This is just one more middle aged woman’s romance, but I admit it’s a good one! This one involves a road trip taken by Bethanne the main character, her Ex-Mother-In-Law Ruth and her daughter Annie. They travel from Seattle Washington to Florida.. Bethanne meets this handsome and sexy guy named Max… Will she reunite with her Ex Grant or end up with Max?