ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS by Jennifer McMahon

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS (CR 2008) a murder mystery by Jennifer McMahon. I admit I don’t read murder mysteries very often, but the writing style flows easily, and the trade paperback has easy to read medium sized type font., increasingly important for my bifocal-ed eyes. I enjoy the flawed characters. I read the first 16 pages in the time it took to eat a half slice of apple pie and drink down a totally satisfying cup of hot sweet tea with milk added.  I will finish it.. unlike MIDWIFE, which I will set aside and read when I’m desperate for a book.

Rhonda Farr the main character sits in her car in her town’s only gas station while her car gets filled up. She watches a tall person in a white bunny suit step out of a yellow VW Bug and take a willing child named Earnestine from the backseat of her mother’s car while she goes into the gas station for lottery tickets and cigarets.  The mother Trudy blames Rhonda for doing nothing to save her little girl, when obviously it’s the mother’s fault for leaving the child in the car anyway! (If you ask me.)  So Rhonda joins the police in finding the abductor while she remembers her own best childhood friend Lizzy who vanished years before.

Jennifer McMahon also wrote PROMISE NOT TO TELL

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book…I’m not drawn to English murder mysteries and never even consider reading them, but this American Murder mystery is great!


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