MIDWIFE by Gay Courter

MIDWIFE a novel by Gay Courter, (cr 1982), a nationwide bestseller. This is a very old paperback from 1982! It’s 31 years old,  a year older than my daughter! This story is about Hannah Blau a midwife who fought religious prejudice to gain medical training in Moscow’s legendary Imperial College. Later she immigrates to New York where male doctors were very hostile towards her.  Well I love a good story where the woman triumphs over adversity.

 I’m reading this book in my bedroom before falling asleep and I’m reading WINDLESS SUMMER at the kitchen table. In the past I often could be found reading two books at the same time. One was usually a novel for enjoyment and the other a self help book for life improvement.  Right now it’s two novels.

NOTE: This book has tiny type! UGH! I’ll be a while reading it, but it’s interesting at least, I tend to read about Jewish people… holocaust stories etc. I may have been Jewish in a past life! Seriously! This is s GOOD book, but it’s bogged down with to many details, I guess that’s why the type is so tin
y to make it fit in the pages! UGH!

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book, once I got past the tiny type.. so YES I do recommend it… Was it ever a series on TV?


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