THE RETURN OF JONAH GRAY (c) 2007, is a novel by Heather Cochran.  This story is about a tax return, Jonah Gray’s to be exact, and Sasha Gardner is a tax auditor for the IRS. This is the story of Sasha’s search for Jonah Gray, a man she never met, but finds interesting due to his tax return she is working on, it seems he changed careers and she wonders why. I’ll let you know what I think of Heather’s writing style.


MISTLETOE KISSES a collection of holiday stories.

MISTLETOE KISSES (c) 1998, three holiday novellas in one paperback book by Rachel Lee, Andrea Edwards and Cait London.

AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN by Rachel Lee is packed with hot steamy, out of this world, better than I’ve ever had, phenomenal sex, it might help you get in the mood if you know what I mean.

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS by Andrea Edwards is a nice story with enough repressed feelings or hesitant type love in it to make it romantically interesting. Likeable characters.

THE PENDRAGON VIRUS by Cait London. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Well it was enjoyable so I’d read more by Cait LOndon.

THE LUMBY LINES by Gail Fraser

THE LUMBY LINES, a novel by Gail Fraser.  The Lumby Lines is the name of a small town newspaper out in the Midwest. This is the story of the people who live in that town, and how Pam and Mark Walker, a vacationing couple from the East coast buy Montis Abbey, a fire destroyed property on the outskirts of town and turn it into an Inn. But the residents of Lumby aren’t too happy about it…

NOTE: I really enjoyed this book, no HOT sex scenes but a nice family type story.. Kinda like the Mitford book series.

THE LAST BOY by Robert H. Lieberman

THE LAST BOY,  a novel by Robert H. Lieberman. (c) 2002.  “A remarkable and moving novel.” Alison Laurie, Pulitzer  Prize-winning author of Foreign Affairs.  Here’s another novel written by a man! And I’m really enjoying it a lot.  It’s about a 4 year old boy who disappears from his day care center, and what happens to his mother and various others in the town.

NOTE: This book has a spiritual, mystical element.. Danny wasn’t abducted but he lived with an old man with a white beard in the woods. Was he really with God? Danny comes home 7 months after he disappeared, 2 inches taller, and able to read. He won’t talk much about his experience. I am really enjoying this book.

NIGHT ROAD by Kristin Hannah

NIGHT ROAD is a novel by Kristin Hannah. This is a story about Jude Farraday, her husband Miles and their 14 year old twins Zach and Mia. A new girl named Lexi Baill comes to their small island community of Pine Island in Washington State. 14 year old Lexi and Mia become best friends. This is the story of what happens to them in their senior year, and afterwards also.

Note: Well…there’s a tragic death in the book and someone goes to jail.. where she has her baby girl which she gives to the father. This story made me cry.. I am not in the habit of shedding a few tears over a book…But go ahead and read it.. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this well written book!