THE BUCKSKIN GIRL a novel by Gwen Moffat. The authoress of this book made a 6 month journey across 2.000 miles of the of the United States on her own, following the trails of our pioneer forefathers and mothers made in covered wagons. Afterwards she wrote the book; HARD ROAD WEST.  THE BUCKSKIN GIRL is the story of a small wagon train of 28 people, six of them children, and only eleven wagons.  They were heading for California 130 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the copyright date of this book because the library rips out the Title page for some ungodly reason!  Anyway.. I’m enjoying this book and would like to read more by this writer.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! And I hope I can get a hold of more of her work. It seems she writes mystery novels-not my usual reading material, but who knows… Gwen Moffat wrote many books, and she was like 8 years older than my 78 year old mother! Here’s an excerpt for Wikipedia:

Gewn Moffat born in 1927, was a free spirit who loved and lived the Bohemian lifestyle through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, making a living from climbing, and becoming the first female British guide. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, she was closely associated with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service in North Wales and helped train many young airmen, once she had agreed to wear boots! She described her life in her classic autobiography Space Below My Feet.[1] She subsequently went on to write detective fiction, in particular the Miss Pink series featuring Melinda Pink, a middle aged magistrate and climber.

Space Below my Feet (1961)
Two Star Red (1964)
On My Home Ground (1968)
Survival Count (1972)
Deviant Death (1973)
Lady with a Cool Eye (Melinda Pink) (1973)
The Corpse Road (1974)
Hard Option (1975)
Miss Pink at the Edge of the World (Melinda Pink) (1975)
A Short Time to Live (Melinda Pink) (1976)
Over the Sea to Death (Melinda Pink) (1976)
Persons Unknown (Melinda Pink) (1978)
Hard Road West (1981)
Die Like a Dog (Melinda Pink) (1982)
The Buckskin Girl (1982)
Last Chance Country (Melinda Pink) (1983)
Grizzly Trail (Melinda Pink) (1984)
Snare (1987)
The Stone Hawk (Melinda Pink) (1989)
The Storm Seekers (1989)
Rage (Melinda Pink) (1990)
The Raptor Zone (Melinda Pink) (1990)
Pit Bull (1991)
Veronica’s Sisters (Melinda Pink) (1992)
The Outside Edge (1993)
Cue the Battered Wife (1994)
A Wreath of Dead Moths (1998)
The Lost Girls (Melinda Pink) (1998)
Private Sins (1999)
Running Dogs (1999)
Quicksands (2001)
Man Trap
Dying for Love (2005)
Gone Feral (2007)


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