THE BONDMAID by Catherine Lim

THE BONDMAID a novel by Catherine Lim.  This is the story of Han  the 4 year old youngest daughter of an impoverished family, who is sold into slavery in the House of Wu.  The story starts out with a prologue about a woman who dies under mysterious circumstances in the 1950’s and who’s earthbound spirit is seen by many people in the vicinity. So a shrine was erected to her and kept up by an old man who died in a fire of that shrine in 1992.  After that developers erected a big petrochemical plant on the site.  Why are they telling us this?  On the first page of the first chapter, 4 year old Han is being taken away from her family and the only life she knows.  She was sleeping with a plastic doll so I’m not sure what year this is. (I LOVE a book with dated chapters.. it helps me understand what’s happening better). Catherine is Singapore’s top novelist, and although I never heard of her before, her book sounds interesting.

NOTE: I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. I ended up skipping along until the end which wasn’t very happy! I don’t have to have a happy ending but this was the pits!


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