HARVEST MOON by Robyn Carr

HARVEST MOON  a novel by Robyn Carr. I’ve read several of Robyn Carr’s books and I am familiar with many of the characters in this one. I’m enjoying it as usual.. Of course the phenomenal sex, (better than MY below average average sex life due to Pelvic Organ Prolapse) makes good reading at times, but come on.. I’VE never done it 4 times in one night, even when I was younger. LOL


THE BUCKSKIN GIRL a novel by Gwen Moffat. The authoress of this book made a 6 month journey across 2.000 miles of the of the United States on her own, following the trails of our pioneer forefathers and mothers made in covered wagons. Afterwards she wrote the book; HARD ROAD WEST.  THE BUCKSKIN GIRL is the story of a small wagon train of 28 people, six of them children, and only eleven wagons.  They were heading for California 130 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the copyright date of this book because the library rips out the Title page for some ungodly reason!  Anyway.. I’m enjoying this book and would like to read more by this writer.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! And I hope I can get a hold of more of her work. It seems she writes mystery novels-not my usual reading material, but who knows… Gwen Moffat wrote many books, and she was like 8 years older than my 78 year old mother! Here’s an excerpt for Wikipedia:

Gewn Moffat born in 1927, was a free spirit who loved and lived the Bohemian lifestyle through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, making a living from climbing, and becoming the first female British guide. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, she was closely associated with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service in North Wales and helped train many young airmen, once she had agreed to wear boots! She described her life in her classic autobiography Space Below My Feet.[1] She subsequently went on to write detective fiction, in particular the Miss Pink series featuring Melinda Pink, a middle aged magistrate and climber.

Space Below my Feet (1961)
Two Star Red (1964)
On My Home Ground (1968)
Survival Count (1972)
Deviant Death (1973)
Lady with a Cool Eye (Melinda Pink) (1973)
The Corpse Road (1974)
Hard Option (1975)
Miss Pink at the Edge of the World (Melinda Pink) (1975)
A Short Time to Live (Melinda Pink) (1976)
Over the Sea to Death (Melinda Pink) (1976)
Persons Unknown (Melinda Pink) (1978)
Hard Road West (1981)
Die Like a Dog (Melinda Pink) (1982)
The Buckskin Girl (1982)
Last Chance Country (Melinda Pink) (1983)
Grizzly Trail (Melinda Pink) (1984)
Snare (1987)
The Stone Hawk (Melinda Pink) (1989)
The Storm Seekers (1989)
Rage (Melinda Pink) (1990)
The Raptor Zone (Melinda Pink) (1990)
Pit Bull (1991)
Veronica’s Sisters (Melinda Pink) (1992)
The Outside Edge (1993)
Cue the Battered Wife (1994)
A Wreath of Dead Moths (1998)
The Lost Girls (Melinda Pink) (1998)
Private Sins (1999)
Running Dogs (1999)
Quicksands (2001)
Man Trap
Dying for Love (2005)
Gone Feral (2007)


THE WIDOWS OF WICHITA COUNTY a novel by Jodi Thomas.   This is the story of 5 women who’s husbands have all died in a oil well explosion except one. One husband is left alive but he’s not recognizable by any of the wives. So one wife thinks her husband is dead, and some other woman is at his bedside because she thinks he’s her husband, but he can’t talk with a tube down his throat.  So far I’m enjoying this book.

NOTE: I really enjoyed this book and have read books by Jodi Thomas in the past and certainly will in the future.

THE BONDMAID by Catherine Lim

THE BONDMAID a novel by Catherine Lim.  This is the story of Han  the 4 year old youngest daughter of an impoverished family, who is sold into slavery in the House of Wu.  The story starts out with a prologue about a woman who dies under mysterious circumstances in the 1950’s and who’s earthbound spirit is seen by many people in the vicinity. So a shrine was erected to her and kept up by an old man who died in a fire of that shrine in 1992.  After that developers erected a big petrochemical plant on the site.  Why are they telling us this?  On the first page of the first chapter, 4 year old Han is being taken away from her family and the only life she knows.  She was sleeping with a plastic doll so I’m not sure what year this is. (I LOVE a book with dated chapters.. it helps me understand what’s happening better). Catherine is Singapore’s top novelist, and although I never heard of her before, her book sounds interesting.

NOTE: I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. I ended up skipping along until the end which wasn’t very happy! I don’t have to have a happy ending but this was the pits!

RIVER OF SKY by Karen Harper

RIVER OF SKY a novel by Karen Harper. As you can see I’ve read another of her books both of which I bought at the $5.00 a box sale at the nearest city library in the next county.  This story starts out in 1835, St. Louis, Missouri. Kate Craig is the rather well off new widow of a steamboat river captain. She lost a daughter earlier, so now it’s only Kate and her son Jamie

NOTE: I’m actually enjoying this book!


The Bean's of Egypt, Maine2

THE BEANS OF EGYPT, MAINE a novel by Carolyn Chute, (copyright 1985) .  Why did I choose this book? Why by the cover of course. In fact the woman on the cover illustration looks a lot like the author. (Does that means it’s really about her?) But that is not the only reason I chose this book. Although I do want to say how important a book cover is, when it must convey what the author wants us to see about the characters and the story plot. I always read the blurb on the back of a book or on the inside cover to see if I can relate to the characters. Sometimes a very boring cover holds a great story, as they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that is what helps draw our eyes to it in the first place! The story is about Earlene Pomerleau who isn’t a Bean, but she and her quirky family drew my interest. It’s a book about poverty and survival. Earlene’s father says the Beans are “uncivilized animals.” I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to like this book..

So far Earlene grows up smokes like a fiend and gets pregnant.. hmmm I ABHOR smoking!

NOTE! This is REALLY comical.. There’s a rather formal letter in the back of the book written by a REAL girl named Cynthia Bean who really lives or lived in Maine but was written from Bryn Mawr College to her girlfriend Ginny. Here’s what she says about this book THE BEANS OF EGYPT, MAINE:

“Dear Ginny,
Thanks so much for the loan of THE BEANS OF EGYPT, MAINE. I cannot honestly say that I enjoyed reading it but persevered and have finally finished it. I appreciate your contribution to my continuing education! Now I’ll return to EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES to improve my punctuation.”

So you see Cynthia didn’t like this book! But she MADE herself read it anyway! I can’t blame her.. the characters have loose morals..lots of.. illegal sex if you ask me.. kids running around unsupervised.. The stupid book fell apart last night.. the old glue just crumbled on my legs as I was reading in bed last night! A devoutly religious person would surely burn this book up.. or at least dump it in the trash! BY the way.. I stayed up until 12:15 AM reading this book and the ending sucked so much I threw it out myself! HA! LOL