SECRETS by Robin Jones Gunn

SECRETS a novel by Robin Jones Gunn is the first of a series of 8 books. “Jessica Morgan wants desperately to forget the past and begin a new life. She chooses a small, peaceful town tucked away in Oregon’s Willamette Valley as the place to start over—Glenbrooke.” This book was published first in 1955 and republished in 1995.. so it may end up having no curse words in it! Hmm I’ll let you know what I think later..

NOTE: This book is written by a Christian writer. So if you are an atheist you might not like it. I do believe in God but I’m not particularly religious. I just try to be a good person, although like most people I tend to say or even do the wrong thing every now and then. As for the book.. I will read the whole book because I like the characters and the story line is interesting.


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