HERE ON EARTH by Alice Hoffman

HERE ON EARTH is a novel by Alice Hoffman.  It’s an OPRAH’S BOOK CLUB selection. I read her, (meaning Oprah’s selections) books quite often, but don’t like them all. First sentence: “Tonight, the hay in the fields is already brittle with frost, especially to the west of Fox Hill, where the pastures shine like stars.”

Here’s a quote from the blurb on the back of the book:  “After nineteen years in California, March Murray returns to the small Massachusetts town where she grew up.  For all this time March has been avoiding her own troubled history, but when she encounters Hollis- the boy she loved so desperately. ” I’ve read several of this type of story.. hope I like it!

I just read SEVENTH HEAVEN by Alice Hoffman and really enjoyed the intricate and inter-weaved life stories of her characters.

NOTE: I read this book before!! I wondered why it sounded so familiar! So I’ve stopped reading it! I did enjoy it though!


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