AFTER RAIN by William Trevor

AFTER RAIN by William Trevor. I never even heard of William Trevor who looks to be about 80 in the dust cover. This is a collection short stories, which I don’t usually read. I also hardly ever read novels by male writers because how can I expect them to know what the female is really feeling?  But when yo think about it, how does the female writer write so well about what we think the male characters feel? Then I remember.. in our cycles of reincarnation we were the opposite sex in past lives, maybe more than once.. So we woman have our masculine side and the men have their feminine side.. Why else would my husband like scented candles? And don’t I appreciate being bossy and acting tough every now and then? So I may not like this book, if not I have a box full of Osterhout Library Book Sale rejects that I bought this year, not to mention the flea market and yard sale books I buy.

NOTE: I’m not really enjoying this book. I have a hard time relating to stories set in England with British mannerisms and all. I’m ditching it!


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