BROOKLYN STORY by Suzanne Corso

BROOKLYN STORY by Suzanne Corso, (c) 2011. Samatha Bonti is half Jewish and half Italian, struggling to survive in Brooklyn, NY.  It starts out the summer of 1978 in Bensonhurst which is part of the borough of Brooklyn in NYC.  It is known as “Little Italy” for obvious reasons. Sam lives with her mother who was abused by her Italian husband, thanks to him Samantha’s mom went into premature labor and almost lost Sam. He eventually walked out on his family. Consequently mom becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and her Jewish grandma Ruth moves in. Samantha has a dream to become a writer and move to Manhattan. Meanwhile she meets and falls in love with an Italian mobster and he has the means to ruin her life… I wonder if he does?

NANTUCKET NIGHTS by Elin Hilderbrand

NANTUCKET NIGHTS by Elin Hilderbrand, (c) 2002. This family drama takes place on the small Nantucket Island. It involves three women who met twenty years earlier. They began a tradition of Midnight Swimming-naked no less, after imbibing on lobster and champagne. They would also swap stories and sometimes reveal a secret. But now they are all older and their lives are complicated and intertwined. One of the swimmers went swimming in the moonlight and never returned. Now there’s an investigation going on… This was a very good book, a short read too!

MY ONE AND ONLY by Kristan Higgins

MY ONE AND ONLY by Kristan Higgins, (c) 2011. I would call this a “second chance at love” type of romance novel! Go ahead and read it. It’s funny how 34 year old divorce lawyer Harper James and her architect ex-husband Nick fumble through their relationship after they meet up again for the first time since their divorce 12 years earlier, when they become maid of honor and best man at their sibling’s wedding. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you will too!


THE HEARTS OF HORSES by Molly Gloss, (c) 2007. This World War I period story takesin the winter of 1917. Nineteen year old Martha Lessen is a tall big-boned woman, with a pleasant wide mouthed smile. She travels to eastern Oregon with three of her horses looking for work. What with the war going on many men are missing from their farms women have taken over the job of “breaking” horses to saddle. Martha doesn’t “break” a horse as we usually think, as in a bucking bronco style,  she “gentles” them into the saddle. As the townspeople get to know Martha they learn to appreciate her company and her way with their horses. I’m only on page 62 and I’m really enjoying this book so far. I look forward to reading more books by this authoress.

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston, (c) 2004. This is the story of Sophie Stanton a 36 year old widow. She’s been self medicating her grief with whiskey and ice cream, showing up for work in her housecoat and having a breakdown in the supermarket. Sophie obviously needs help and joins a Grief support group. Soon she gets up the gumption to leave town and start her life over, then she meets a a 13 year old pyromaniac and a handsome actor. Gee I hope I like this book.. it sure does sound interesting.

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, 1993. I bought this old trade paperback at a yard sale Labor Day weekend. It’s the size of a trade paperback but doesn’t have the question and answer section in the back, so is it really a trade paperback? This summertime coming of age story is about a boy, an only child, 12 year old David Hayden, growing up in a small town in Montana where his father is a sheriff and his mother works for the Record of Deeds office in the courthouse across the street. The story is how one family deals with what’s been happening to women of a local Sioux tribe. This book is described as a “thriller and page turner.” It’s all about doing the right thing.  I’m really enjoying this book, the writing style is very readable. I highly recommend it.  It won’t take long to read this short under 200 page book.

NOTE: I’d like to read more by this author.