TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt

TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt, (c) 2013. This reading group book was bought at a thrift store for a mere dollar! I looked inside and it was a Margate City Public Library book taken out 11/05/2014, I even know who borrowed it. I could send it back I suppose. I looked them up and sent them a note! Margate is in New Jersey! How about that?

Well it looks like this book takes place in 1986 and deals with the new AIDS crisis, centering on fourteen year old June Elbus who along with her older sister Greta, sixteen, are having their portrait painted by their uncle Finn who is dying of AIDS. After Finn dies June notices a man at the funeral, and later she receives Uncle Finn’s Russian Teapot through the mail. Then she receives a note from a man named Toby who is also missing Finn. So I suppose she becomes friends with her uncle’s lover. It sounded like a heartwarming story. I’m only on page 14, but I do like this book!

NOTE: Did you notice no one ever talks about AIDS anymore? Please note that this book is kinda heartbreaking to read about death, and recovering from the death of a loved one with the Aids thing going on. It’s a cloudy overcast day and I feel like shedding a few tears now, but I’m half way done with the book, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I finished this book today! I read about 200 pages. I have a little eye strain now!

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman, (c) 2014. This trade paperback cost $15.00 by the way. I bought it for a buck at a thrift store. I am truly enjoying this book about a 17 year old foster child named Isabelle Stone. Izzy ‘s mother is in prison after shooting her father to death, not something she wants made public. Izzy is a senior at a new school and living with a new family. It’s hard trying to be accepted at a new school, and Izzy is of course having trouble with a certain girl named Shannon and her friends, who end up playing cruel jokes on Izzy. Turns out Shannon is just as damaged as Izzy with her own problems. Go on read this book, it would make a good movie.

RUN by Ann Pachett

RUN by Ann Pachett, (c) 2008. Please excuse my summary taken from the trade paperback’s built in book-flap. I usually prefer to put this summary into my own words.

“Tip and Teddy Doyle have been raised by their loving, possessive, and ambitious father. As the former mayor of Boston, Bernard Doyle wants to see his sons in politics, a dream the boys have never shared. But when an argument in a blinding New England snowstorm inadvertently causes an accident that involves a stranger and her child, all Bernard cares about is his ability to keep his children- all his children- safe.”

NOTE: I don’t usually enjoy reading a book about politics any more than I enjoy watching a movie about politics.  Let’s see how this one plays out.

A GOOD AMERICAN by Alex George

A GOOD AMERICAN by Alex George (c) 2012.  This book  was the Library Journal’s BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR. It’s about German immigrant Meisenheimer family. The story is narrated by James a third generation American living in Beatrice, Missouri, which is where his grandparents Frederick and Jette Meisenheimer settled after a perilous trip across country and the the swollen Mississippi River. The stories this family yells are sometimes humorous, and sometimes sad. It promises to be a good read though, and I look forward to reading it.

SERENDIPITY by Louise Shaffer

SERENDIPITY by Louise Shaffer, (c) 2009. Carrie Manning is a thirty-seven year old woman who just buried her mother Rose Manning who died of cancer. All of Carrie’s life Rose would have nothing to do with her own mother Lu. So Carrie has never spoken to her. The two women were estranged. Something terrible must have happened. Even though Lu is still alive and in her eighties Carrie is reluctant to talk to her own grandmother about why. So Carrie is on a quest to find out who about her Italian family’s roots. First she goes to the library, then she looks up her great uncle Paulie. So it seems there some great dark secret that’s been buried for thirty years and Carrie needs to get to the bottom of it.Her mother was a complicated woman with all her secrets. It’s proving to be an interesting story so far.

HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah

HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah, (c) 2012. This is the story of Jolene and Michael Zarkades and their marriage is on the rocks as far as Michael, who tells Jolene he no longer loves her soon after her forty-first birthday party, from which he was absent. Jolene was orphaned four months before she graduated high school, her alcoholic parents having died in a car accident. Soon after she joined the Army National Guard who became like a family to her. Michael is a defense attorney who’s never home and he’s living life like an unemotional zombie when he tells Jolene he no longer loves her. The the gets deployed to Iraq. Michael has a hard time adjusting to raising two daughters he hardly ever spent time with, and that’s a good thing. Betsy age 12 is a hormonal mess and lulu age 4 is still clingy to her mom. A tragedy is mentioned on the cover blurb, so I hope Jolene who is a helicopter pilot doesn’t get killed in combat. So far it’s a great read.

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

Home Front by Kristin Hannah, (c) 2012. This is a modern family drama involving a 41 year old military woman named Jolene who is deployed to Iraq. She’s been married 12 years to Michael Zarkades, a defense attorney. Meanwhile he is a single parent to their two daughters 12 year old Betsey and 4 year old Lulu, something he has never been before, so he’s bound to screw up. Then there’s a hint of a tragedy… Is Jolene killed in the war? That remains to be seen. It’s good reading so far!