THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn

THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber , (c) 1992and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn (c) 1991. A double Harliquin Romance.

The first novel is about a wedding dress that seems to have magical powers when two meet and fall in love. (A typical Debbie Macomber romance).

JACOB’S GIRLS is about 7 year old triplet daughters of a radio DJ and how he and his co-host fall in love. Another happy ending story.


GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner

GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner, (c) 1989. This book is older than I thought!… Oh well, any story about a chubby main character is going to catch the eye of any chubby reader looking for romance, and even those like me who are in a good marriage! Cannnie Shapiro is twenty-eight years old. Her mother recently came charging out of the closet, he father is out of the picture, but she loves her friends and her little dog Nifkin.

One day Cannie gets a phone call from a friend telling her to read  a story in a national woman’s magazine which Cannie’s ex-boyfriend wrote titled “”Loving a Larger Woman.” Cannie is miserable now but she’s working on her life to make it better to figure out who she is and what makes her really happy..

RIVER’S SONG The Inn at Shining Waters by Melody Carlson

RIVER’S SONG The Inn at Shining Waters by Melody Carlson, (c) 2011. 40 year old Widow Anna Larson returns to her home on the Siuslaw River after her mother’s death. There she gains the self confidence and Independence she never had while living with her mother-in-law after her husband’s death 8 years earlier. Anna is a “half-breed” Half Swedish and half Suislaw Indian. Her mother in law always treated her badly right from the moment she married Adam Larson, called Anna a “little Indian Squaw” around her bridge playing friends. Brow beat and not very happy, Anna decides to stay on her inherited home and make an Inn of it for outdoors men who love to hunt and fish. Along the way Anna falls in love with a certain building contractor she meets.

NOTE: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so I highly recommend it. I would love to read it’s sequel titled RIVER’S CALL.


MOONLIGHT ROAD [A Virgin River Novel] by Robyn Carr, (c) Who knows?  I swear I read this novel before, but I didn’t have it listed in my book list journal so I’m reading it again! Thia one involves the large, noisy very Irish, Riordan family and their friends. I remember Art the man with Downs Syndrome who’s looking for his old girlfriend from a group home they lived in. The main story is about Aidan Riordan an unemployed 36 year old Navy doctor and Erin, a 36 year old Estate Lawyer who raised her younger siblings, forgoing a romantic life of her own. She was all work and no play until the summer she met Aidan. You’ll probably enjoy Robyn Carr’s books, I usually do!


THE LAKE OF DREAMS by Kim Edwards, (c) 2011. This story starts out in Japan, where hydrologist Lucy Jarret finds herself unemployed. Later when she returns home to New York, she meets an old love who’s now a glass artist. 10 years earlier her father drowned in a boating accident while fishing but no one knows what really happened.  Lucy wonders what would have happened if she had gone fishing with him when he asked her. Late one night as she walks in the family’s old lakeside house she finds some items locked away in an old window seat. The items will reveal old family secrets.. something about a young girl jumping out of a window while a comet passed by overhead. The items are linked to the suffragist movement and stained glass windows found in Lucy’s hometown and beyond. Well it sounds like a series of mysteries and I think I’m going to read this one.