ANGEL MINE, A Whispering Wind Novel by Sherryl Woods

ANGEL MINE, A Whispering Wind Novel by Sherryl Woods, 2000. I picked this one up because it didn’t sound familiar, as if I read it already and because of the little girl on the cover. I haven’t even read it as I said so I’ll tell you what the blurb on the back cover said.

“Heather Reed thought she was making the right choice when she decided to raise her daughter Angel, on her own. But three years alter, Heather realizes she needs help. Her career as an actress is faltering and Angel is more than she can handle alone. It’s time to track down Angel’s father. The only problem? Todd Winston doesn’t even know Angel exists.

Heather’s search leads her to Whispering Wind, Wyoming. If Todd Winston is dismayed to see his old girlfriend show up in town, he’s horrified when he looks into the angelic eyes of the little girl who is clearly his daughter.

Though there is no question at all of Angel’s paternity, Todd flatly refuses to open his life to Angel-and Heather flatly refuses to leave until she finds out why. Neither counts though, on their unexpected desire to become a family. The only question is – is it too late?”

NOTE: Now doesn’t that sound inviting?

A SCATTERED LIFE by Karen McQuestion

A SCATTERED LIFE by Karen McQuestion, 2010. This was a wonderful book! I highly recommend it! Skyla Plinka is a free-spirited young woman, who has a controlling mother-in-law named Audrey. A new neighbor moved in with her husband, 5 children and a huge mastiff named buddy. ThisĀ  is the story of the three women and how they learned to love each other in spite of their differences. Please read it, you won’t be sorry!

Pretentious Words! Exsanguinating REALLY! Did ya have to say that?

Exsanguinating is a word I found in the novel I attempted to read titled THE NOVELIST by Angela Hunt, and let me tell you I didn’t enjoy looking that one up in the online Dictionary! The freaking word isn’t even in my spellchecker! When I hit the red line under the word it gives me the word Extinguishing!! (Hey I spelled that one right!) See! I’m so pissed off I’m having a HOT FLASH! Ugh! I abhor (HATE) it when a writer adds grandiose, pretentious, and pompous words common folk like me have to research to know its meaning.

THE NOVELIST by Angela Hunt

THE NOVELIST by Angela Hunt, 2006. I really tried to get into this book but I can’t seem to enjoy it! It’s about a novelist who’s teaching a writing class in a junior college., and she gets challenged to write a novel about a personal situation as she teaches the students how to do the same. I’m sorry but I am NOT enjoying her novel in the novel which is more or less the story of her alcoholic son’s life!


WELCOME TO HARMONY by Jodi Thomas, 2010. Wow! This author has written 23 books that all take place in Texas! MOst have the word TEXAS in the title too! This on is about a homeless orphan girl who claims to be a relative of a woman she met in a nursing home. When the woman passed away sixteen year old Reagan traveled to Harmony Texas where she hopes to be taken in by Miss Beverly Truman’s family. She ends up living with Miss Truman’s crotchety old brother. So far it seems an enjoyable book.


ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BOB BONS by Lorna Landvik, 2003. This book has a whole cast of main characters, 5 of them to be exact, who join a Book Reader’s Club in a small Minnesota town way back in 1968. There’s FAITH, a lonely mother of twins who harbors a terrible secret that has condemned her to living a lie. Then voluptuous AUDREY who seems to be thinking about sex all the time. MERIT has a husband who beats her, how long will she let him get away with that I wonder? KARI is the wise older woman who knows that the sunshine always comes after life’s storms. SLIP is a tiny little woman with a big temper and she’s not afraid to look trouble right in the eye. They all sound interesting, and I’m sure to enjoy this book.

NOTE: This was a very good book! Most of the chapter titles were the books the club was reading. I admit I read only ONE of those books! It was called KRISTIN LAVRANSDATTER. It was actually one of three in a boxed set. I would love to read it again. About a woman in medieval Norway. I read it as a teenager, but not the sequels where she joins a convent as an older woman. I’d like to read all three now that I’m older.


TEN BEACH ROAD by Wendy Wax, 2011. Ten Beach Road is the address of a mansion in Florida, and the story involves the women who were swindled out of their life savings who end up co-owning the property. After an appraisal the woman have decided to renovate the historical building together before it can be sold so they can get some of their money back from the sale of the mansion. I must say I am enjoying the story a lot and I bet you will too. WENDY WAX.. what an odd yet memorable name for the author, who also wrote as of 2011: