Texting in Medieval Times

Texting in Medieval Times

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We all do it a few times per day: shooting a friend a text message with our phones. Doing so has become routine and we don’t really think about it: just grab your device, hold it up, and type a few words quickly and on the fly. Both the speed and short lifespan of text messages are responsible for its most peculiar features: they are written in a special language of short words and a high volume of abbreviations, and they come with the built-in understanding that there will likely be typos included. Interestingly, this hurried and cursory manner of communicating was quite common in medieval times, while its roots can be traced back to Antiquity. This post shows how people sent each other short messages before the invention of electricity and the phone: hastily, cheaply and with a modest amount of attention. “My soldiers have run out of beer, please send some!”


British Museum, 1986,1001.64, aka Tab. Vindol. II.291 (dated to 97-103 CE) Fig. 1 – British Museum, 1986,1001.64, aka Tab. Vindol…

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THE LUCKY DOG MATCHMAKING SERVICE by Beth Kendrick, 2012. This is a delightful little story about a woman who rescues dogs with horrible habits and rehabilitates them and matches them up with lonely people. But Lara Madigan has bad luck when it comes to men. Her boyfriend asks her to move into his house, and then eventually asks her to leave with her passel of rescued pooches. She ends up in her mother’s fancy mansion where her dogs end up trashing the place! I can’t wait to read the whole book! I’m really enjoying it right now!


Beth Kendrick also wrote;








A KISS FOR CADE by Lori Copeland

A KISS FOR CADE by Lori Copeland, 1997. This book from The Western Sky Series, is about a bounty hunter named Cade Kolby who returns home after the death of his sister and her husband, with the object of finding his sister’s 4 children a home. He finds his old love Zoe, taking care of the kids in her cramped apartment above the store she inherited upon the death of her husband. Cade and Zoe, still love each other after all these years, but his job as a bounty hunter means he has murders on his tail and that puts the family and whole town in danger.  It’s been 15 years but sparks are still flying for the two lovebirds.

NOTE: This book has a happy ending I’m sure and I can guess what it is already! Need I say more?

THE TALL PINE POLKA by Lorna Landvik

THE TALL PINE POLKA by Lorna Landvik, 1999. I just LOVE Lorna Landvik books, they never let me down!  This small cast of eccentric characters includes a 22 year old orphaned, Fenny Ness, as the star of the show, and her friends, beautiful Lee O’Leary, a beaten and abused woman who leaves her husband and goes forth to make a new life for herself. Then there’s Tall Pine’s only admitted lesbian couple; Miss Penk and Frau Katt. Pete the proprietor of Shoe Shack spends his nights crafting  beautiful shoes for Lee, but is too shy to confess his love. Slim, the barking and howling Vietnam Veteran with PTSD who works his way though it by communicating like a dog. Then there’s Big Bill who enters the town looking for his eccentric Native American Aunt Mae.

NOTE: I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book, as much as I do.

TRAPPER’S MOON; Book Two of the Buckskinners by Jory Sherman

TRAPPER’S MOON; Book Two of The Buckskinners by Jory Sherman, 1994. Yep this is one old paperback! It’s something a trapper/hunter might like, a man’s book. It reminds me of the old movie about a trapper up in Canada who takes in a woman and ends up having his leg amputated. In the end they fell in love. Well, there aren’t any women in this book so far, other than a Spanish innkeeper’s daughter in the beginning of the book. The story is all about the rough life the two main characters Lemuel and Morgan Hawke live. They both decide to become trappers and travel from St. Louis to the Rocky Mountains looking for their friend who’s Morgan’s namesake; Silas Morgan who lives with the Crow Indians. Morgan is only 15 but quite brave and he carries a “Medicine Horn” with very powerful meaning to the Crow’s they meet up with.

I honestly don’t picture any women reading this book, but I am enjoying it. I always did like a good pioneer type story. I’ll keep this writer in mind, I’d like to read more of his work. Most of which seem to have Indians in the plots. Here’s some titles:






When I was a kid, I was the the daughter who sat watching Westerns on TV  with dad and I don’t remember my sisters joining in.

Dirty Medieval Books

Dirty Medieval Books

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When you use something for a thousand years, it is bound to get dirty. Medieval books often show stains and marks on their pages, usually from readers who did not always take very good care of the objects. Medieval books also collected a lot of loose dirt, which sometimes falls out when you thumb through their pages as a modern-day book historian – naturally with clean hands, though preferably without white gloves (here is why). While this dirt is often simply junk, the bits and pieces – twigs, pieces of leaves, dried flowers, pins – may also have had a function. A dried leaf from a tree may for example have been stuck between the pages to serve as a bookmark. In that sense junk can be seen as as a cultural artefact that adds to our understanding of medieval books and their users. Here are some examples of useful dirt.

1. Fingerprints
Considering that every medieval books was handwritten and that their makers will have…

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


HOPE RISING by Stacy Henrie

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Hello!  Welcome to It’s Monday What Are You Reading?  The meme that we use to share what we read this past week and what our plans are for the upcoming week.  It’s a great way to see what others are reading and add to your own To Be Read list. :D  You never know where that next great read may come from!

Another week!  We are whipping through March!  Here is what I posted this week:

How We Got To Now by Steven Johnson

WHEN by Victoria Laurie

Fascinomas by Clifton K Meador MD

Author Chat with Julia Lee – Author of Seven Stones (diversity in writing)

Seven Stones by Julia Lee

Insurgent – The Movie (based off the Divergent book series)

That was the week.  A pretty good one and I am caught up on reviews.  YAY!  Here is what I plan on this week:

For My Ears:

Outside the lines by Amy Hatvany, book journey


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