Native American Gardening: Buffalobird-Woman’s Guide to Traditional Methods, by Gilbert L. Wilson


Sounds interesting!

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NativeAmericanGardeningNative American Gardening: Buffalobird-Woman’s Guide to Traditional Methods was first published in 1917 as Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians: An Indian Interpretation and has been reprinted in numerous editions (and with slightly varying titles) in the following hundred years. This is not surprising because Buffalobird-Woman’s comments, interpretations and knowledge of organic gardening are just as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago.

I originally searched for this book because I had read that it was a great way to learn about organic gardening methods but I found myself fascinated by Buffalobird-Woman’s strong personality as she talked about the history of her tribe and the lives of northern Native Americans. Buffalobird-Woman, or Maxi’diwiac, was born around 1839, two years after smallpox nearly completely wiped out her tribe of Hidatsas. When she was interviewed by anthropolgist Gilbert L. Wilson in 1912, she had never learned to speak English, so her memories were translated…

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THE WANDERER by Robyn Carr

THE WANDERER by Robyn Carr, 2013. Robyn Carr books usually have some hot sex scenes. I guess I can take it! LOL This is the story of Hank Cooper who inherits an old friend’s entire beach side property on the Oregon coast that developers are very interested in. Was his friend murdered? Now he finds himself with a community’s destiny in his hands. Hank Cooper was always a wanderer, but he finds himself getting attached to the people of Thunder Point especially Sarah Dupre, and it seems the whole town is watching his every move as it will affect their lives.

Gee here I am on page 106 and his love interest hasn’t been introduced yet!

WILLEM’S FIELD by Melinda Haynes

WILLEM’S FIELD by Melinda Haynes, 2003. Haynes also wrote MOTHER OF PEARL does her name sounds familiar? This hardcover book has sat in my kitchen since June when I went to that huge library book sale. I kept pushing it aside. due to the first few pages I read, but I decided to read more last night and this morning.  It is very quirky I admit and I love a quirky story.

WILLEM’S FIELD is the story of an old man named Willem Fremont, and is set in the 1970’s. Willem has been living with a panic disorder most of his life, which causes embarrassing scenes when he’s in a public place. It almost seems like he has Turrets Syndrome to me, yet not exactly, when he has verbal outbursts. Now that Willem is a much older man he wants to go back home to Purvis. Mississippi and find out how it started and how to cure it. Once in Purvis Willem meets the Till family who now owns his family farm. The Tills have their own problems, tiny Eileen Till runs the farm and her two grown sons are lazy. Sonny is perennially unemployed and is building a shrimp boat in his mother’s landlocked back yard. Bruno has returned home from the Vietnam war with a spinal injury, and wears a back brace while he escapes into the National Geographic magazines, while his wife Leah tries to cope while her marriage fails by finding comfort in the day to day life on the farm.

Here’s the teaser:

Willem relaxed a little, and his hand slid off the newspaper.

   “My God, is that you?”

Willem saw where she was looking. The folded newspaper. IN a glance he saw the words EL PASO COUNTY peeping out underneath his thumb. Today officials at the Colorado Springs  Police Department issued a missing-person report for William Frem was covered by his palm. Too bad his hand wasn’t big enough to cover his picture.

“Is that you in the paper?”

 He looked up at her and saw open curiosity that lacked the intellect go much deeper.

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book even though I put if off for so long thinking I wouldn’t!  It’s introduced the family who lives in Willem’s old family homestead, and the broken family who lives in the Inn where Willem is staying, and other characters.

FULL OF GRACE by Dorthea Benton Frank

FULL OF GRACE by Dorthea Benton Frank, 2006. This is a seashore setting family drama story. 31 year old Maria Graziella Russo insists everyone call her “Grace.” Maria’s Italian family has just moved from New Jersey to Hilton Head, South Carolina, where she scandalized her family by moving in with her agnostic, commitment-phobic, scientist boyfriend, who is also horrifically shocking to her family- Irish! Grace adores her parents even though they drive her crazy, and they would love Michael if they would just give him a chance.

This book seems to be a page turner according to the reviews, I’ll have to let you know.

NOTE: I couldn’t get into this story, the type was too small and I couldn’t get into the characters.. Oh well I’m just NOT from a big, well off  Italian family.

COME A LITTLE CLOSER by Dorothy Garlock

COME A LITTLE CLOSER by Dorothy Garlock, 2011. I had no idea Dorothy Garlock was still writing books so I was thrilled to find this one at the flea market! Unfortunately the book doesn’t mention anything about the author- no typical bio.

This story begins with a Prologue in August 1932 Carlson, Minnesota where 8 year old Christina Tucker finds herself caught in a summer thunderstorm with her older sister Charlotte who’s 14 but they get separated and Christina is lost, although they eventually find each other. Then in Chapter One it jumps to Longstock, Wisconsin in June 1946 where Christina puts her World War II nursing skills to good use helping a war veteran.

Flea Marketing for Books

This morning I’m off to the indoor/outdoor flea market looking for more books to read.  I actually have over a dozen paperback books stock piled in my bedroom but I have left them in the unread pile because I was unsure I liked the blurbs enough to read the whole book. I saved them for when I’m down to the nitty-gritty.

I bought 2 books I’ve already read, oh well I do that from time to time.


QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS by Cassandra King, 2007. The first book I ever read by Cassandra King was THE SUNDAY WIFE, and it didn’t have an extremely happy ending, but I did enjoy the book anyway. QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS is about a widow named Clare who lives in Fairhope, Alabama and works from her home office as a divorce counselor. Clare has some male friends with odd names: Rye short for Ryman, Lex, and Son, who is married to Dory, which is an odd name for a female. Son and Dory were college friends of Clare.

Here’s the teaser:

“I’ve told you Zoe Catherine, that Lex and I aren’t lovers. We’re just good friends.,” I protested. “not that it’s any of your business.”

She hooted at that. “oh, bull. No such thing as being friends with a man. They’re only good for one thing, and it ain’t being your girlfriend. She straightened up in her chair and eyed me suspiciously. “Don’t tell me he’s queer.”  (Mind you this is Clare’s mother-in-law talking and there’s not always political correctness from the older generation).

I’ll have to let you know how the book is later.